onsdag 24. november 2010

A life on the FLOOR

means that if I fall, the fall will be light. Klokken is almost seven, it´s time foret glass melk, kanskje? No, not a glass of milk but may be a dvd, U2 may be ... , or a book. Den tykke boken, is the most expensive book I have. Das ist einen deutschen Buch, om en kunstner, kunstneren over alle kunstnere, I don´t say anything more. It´s huge, heavy and beautiful. 
Jeg så etter en slik bok for years and found it in an atikvariat i Oslo, many years ago. 
Lucky me, I actually found one! The book and I don´t fit any shelves, that´s why we stick 
to the floor.

tirsdag 16. november 2010

YOU DOn´t know how you live before du ser det på et foto ...

my good, this looks strange! Yes it´s my workingspot. Her gjør jeg det meste and everything has it´s place. Even the pencils, Min coffecup from Praha, made in Italy follows me everywhere. It´s handle is partly red, kan du se det? Yes I smoke, sorry. Neglefil har jeg og huskelapper, the long white stripes are things I must remember. I write down a lot. I take a lot of milk in my coffee. Jeg spiser, knekkebrød, ikke Wasa with butter! My paintings, the små ones I paint here as well. Det går ikke well always ...

onsdag 3. november 2010

THE latest WAVES ARE NOT red but dark blue

over there ... . Men det er ikke uvanlig og The TEa party do 
not drink their four o´clock tea, I quess. My parents actually 
did and I don´t drikker te klokken fire. Jeg er ikke spesielt 
glad i te og ber om kaffe. Coffee does not create the big 
waves and I can enjoy my coffee in silence. These waves 
are printed on canvas, as you see, I don¨t talk or write 
waves ...