lørdag 28. november 2015


is very strong and
the strongest Lump
in the world is 
a happy Lump.
This Lump is an
expert in lifting
invisible objects.
The bigger the invisible
object, the better!
The Lump was
admired by huge
masses all
around the world.
When some asked
what the lifted object was,
the Lump did not
The Lump wasn´t only
the strongest Lump
but the wisest
Lump as well!
Good for the Lump.

lørdag 21. november 2015


what is this?
I love this photo. It looks like nothing is going on in this picture and the opposite 
is the reality. It is from Esebotn as usual, from the ground one walks on. 
The straw here and there and a bit of grass is visible. What else is there is a secret, 
even for me.


yes, just for fun! Serious fun all about fitness in Sogndal. The photo is 
manipulated just as we are manipulated every day by each other and 
our surroundings. To be fit and to fit in are two different things and must 
not be misunderstand. Still, to be be fit helps you to fit in. Does it or 
doesn´t it, I am not sure but shit what do I know? 

lørdag 14. november 2015


is the latest
and my new
language for
a project 
in Sogndal.
This is just a
small part of
it and more will
be shown later.
Work like this
will grow over
time along
with colours
and layout.

Everything is
coming on and
must be ready
for a
norwegian TV2

lørdag 7. november 2015


Ja, shut up, get you ass in fifth ... and step on it, baby!
There are no chance of reverse now, it´s all about moving forward even for oldies 
like me. There are heat under my feet and it starts tomorrow. 
Well, it´s there most of the time, the heat I mean. My socks are big and warm ...