lørdag 31. desember 2011


is fading away and so am I ... . Still it is hope as the sun is shining after huge storm
here on the west coast. I looked forward to send the prime minister a message in
a bottle
but was told it wouldn´t change anything. He knows about the storm.
I did not send the massage in a bottle.
To write is a bad idea as the prime minister is an analphabet ... , Happy New Year!

torsdag 22. desember 2011


and more and more and more and more and more and more and shit and Happy New Year.                                   I love this photo and the toplue!

fredag 9. desember 2011

Norway today ...

NORWAY, this land of milk and honey LACKS BUTTER!
The prime minister and the royal family have what they need I´m sure
but not the rest of Norway´s population. Norway is not only back in 
wartime it is worse, there are NO BUTTER at all on the shelves in the
stores. On tv we can today learn how to MAKE BUTTER ourselves!
Christmas, december and baking christmas cakes are out of the 
question as there are NO BUTTER. Swedes and danes try to help
but that do not help the population in the north west of the country.
This happens when one huge organisation TINE, rule all production.
The farmers are not allowed to deliver more than their given amount
of milk and so on and so on. This is Norway today. It makes me think 
about North Korea, or something similar ...

torsdag 1. desember 2011


sounds sad and it is sad and this text in marble made me think ... .
I found these lovely letters in France and had to take them with me home, and
share them with you. The letters and numbers are made with love and by hand, 
and I find them beautiful.

mandag 10. oktober 2011


has become
an image 
on a photo 
mountaintop somewhere.                                                                                         
photo: M. Kvikne

søndag 25. september 2011


MAN made by a man. I hate 
men. Man invented religion. 
Why, we all know. They made 
the tool to rule, us all. All gods 
are men and made
in men´s picture ... 
Do I have to say more?
I don´t dare, I´ll be shot if ...


tirsdag 30. august 2011


myself, in other words a
selfportrait. I look like this
just now, I think, if I think I 
think. When you think, the thing 
you think is the thing you think 
you think, but when you think
you think, the thing you think
is not the thing you thought 
you think ..., or, if,
you know there are so many
possibilities, or isn´t it? 


Yours  sincerely, Acrylic on Canvas

mandag 25. juli 2011


did not take me to Balestrand but to France! Gone were the mountains and 
the fjord and instead came this peculiar landscape with the huge sky above.
I passed fields and fields, and more fields. The small dark dots in the 
horizon are trees and along the road there were red poppies. Nice, yes!

fredag 17. juni 2011


from the kitchen. Lucky me, I have been there and seen it over a cup of 
coffee. Even days with heavy clouds are spectacular here in Balestrand!
photo: Magni Jensen

søndag 29. mai 2011

WATERPROOF flowers ...

might be the thing in the garden just now. The daisies in the bathtub in the 
garden ... , do I have to say more? Too little or too much, may be this country 
should think about exporting water instead of oil. Is that an idea?


lørdag 21. mai 2011

even this VIEW

of greys is beatiful. One roof is my neighbour´s across the road. 
The weather has been wet for a week now and the lawn is growing fast.
Everywhere there are all shades of green in all the grey shades. Sounds
intersting? It is, come and take a look yourself ...

mandag 9. mai 2011

THE SUNSET after a

great weekend with BALEJAZZ! Lots of music, lots of people, friends and fun. 
Today it´s back to the silence and that is nice as well. This is the time to 
prepare for summer and all the visitors from all over the world. Balestrand is
waiting for You ... 

fredag 29. april 2011


BALEJAZZ is the event each spring here in Balestrand. Are you coming? If so, I am here and looking forward to see you! The sounds will be great, better than ever. 
Here in Bøyum we do look forward to see just you. I´ll show you my tiny, 
pen and ink sketches. They are my latest works and I am rather proud of them. 
There are a certain sound in tiny sketches ...

fredag 22. april 2011


are fading out now. Spring is here and Balestrand becomes an idyllic village almost 
as out of a fairytale. I like fairytales, the sweet dramas in exotic frames. Here we are
in the middle of just that. The mountains, the fjord and Balestrand itself are all that ...  

photo: Marta Kvikne 

søndag 10. april 2011


is different from Marta´s, as Vindreken dominates above everything else. Balestrand has it all, the idyllic and the dramatic surroundings. It is a fairytale villiage ... , and with room for visitors.

mandag 4. april 2011

lørdag 12. mars 2011

The Guys on TV, Oppdrag Sognefjorden

has been here, and everywhere, in the air and I did not dare to watch them
up there. A great bunch of Guys and some georgeous Tomboys! How do they
dare, I don´t know as I stick to my canvases. This is Vindreken, a part of
a work, with it´s roots in the fjord. Acrylic-oil on canvas, size: 120cm x 120cm.

The Girls and Tomboys took a session on the canvases as well, without skies ...

mandag 21. februar 2011


and what do we do, we who do not use our skies? Well, some makes music
as this guy but he has gone home as it was too cold for him as well. I find  this winter freezing cold and am longing for a sauna? No, not a sauna but something 
else, warm. My freezing head has stopped working. Out of order, is the only 
message that comes from above ... 
Photo by Knut Bry

søndag 6. februar 2011


a lot of cold fun!
a lot of new impressions
and experiences
on ski if you like ...

Knut Bry, our famous
photographer, has taken this photo
and a lot more, all the seasons
in Balestrand and the book will be published this coming spring
with all his beautiful images.
What does he see that we
miss? Wait and see, and we all will see
with Knut´s eyes!

onsdag 19. januar 2011

a WEAK SUN on a huge nature

is Balestrand in winter. I took the photo this morning from my window. It´s easy to get lost in wild beauty, in these surroundings. Balestrand is the sweetest start to all this wilderness in the winterworld. Pale blues in white makes something with your mind. May be Vindreken is talking with someone up there ...

fredag 7. januar 2011


tell me the truth. When I saw this old photo I didn´t see what it was, the photo forced me to
think ... . So I did and it helped. The lady I saw is not the lady I thought I saw. It is no lady at all!
Hot sometimes, yes, but cold too, that depends on me. She is no she, but an it. Old, yes but
not old enough to be thrown away and it will survive me. The top of my lovely stove ...