fredag 9. desember 2011

Norway today ...

NORWAY, this land of milk and honey LACKS BUTTER!
The prime minister and the royal family have what they need I´m sure
but not the rest of Norway´s population. Norway is not only back in 
wartime it is worse, there are NO BUTTER at all on the shelves in the
stores. On tv we can today learn how to MAKE BUTTER ourselves!
Christmas, december and baking christmas cakes are out of the 
question as there are NO BUTTER. Swedes and danes try to help
but that do not help the population in the north west of the country.
This happens when one huge organisation TINE, rule all production.
The farmers are not allowed to deliver more than their given amount
of milk and so on and so on. This is Norway today. It makes me think 
about North Korea, or something similar ...

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