lørdag 24. oktober 2015


a photo from Esebotn.
Beautifull Esebotn is amazing and forces me see new ways of working on canvases. You might see the result at VULKAN 2016, in the drive in artgallery happening.
Our space on the net, driveinartgallery.com will be standing up and walk about later this winter, hopefully!

torsdag 22. oktober 2015


in Oslo
one finds layer on layer
with different art
great art, as food, dance, consert 
you name it sooner or later you find it at Vulkan
the next year you will even find drive in artgallery!

onsdag 21. oktober 2015


out working hard and very busy. As always in Esebotn and this time we met some young men so proud and showing us their game, shot the same morning. HippHipp was impressed as the deer had a big head with a lot of stuff on it´s head. That was new for HippHipp but I have seen it before. We call it gevir but I am not sure what you call it in english. Gevir is actually a german word. Well, HippHipp hope to find a 
second deer in between the stones it looks like. That was not at all any success! 
She did not know that the game she had seen was much to big to hide between
the stones. For HippHipp game is game and might as well hide here too.

tirsdag 20. oktober 2015


tunnel in Esebotn is slowly turning to it´s winter dress and as always with grace. This is where one find the peculiar thoughts that fiddle around among a lot of thoughts and shows you that anything is possible. It really is!