onsdag 16. mai 2012


from the other side.
My worthless tresure from
a walk on the beach with my parents
and the dogs.
I found it.
It is a stone from a tiny beach
and made by
time and ice and sea and sand.
I found the stone or
the stone found me,
I am not sure.

Where the stone is
I am too ...

torsdag 10. mai 2012


in the forests, hunting
hounds and shooting was
my father´s great interest.
He was not a very good forest worker
but he managed.
He even got his own tractor
and used it in the town.
His youngest daughters did not
like him looking like
a farmer but he did not give a damn,
My younger sisters are good at being stupid,
moneyhappy creatures!
The painting is acrylic-oil-on canvas
a portrait
of a great father!