mandag 21. desember 2015


Norwegian legal landscapes was an exhibition I had in autumn 2003
 I think it was. All the paintings had a letter enclosed, copies of original
 legal documents and most had been in court.  All the documents were
 shown as if hidden in a glacier were no one would find them, ever.
As it is  a glacier can melt down, we all know that today ... .

Well, what happened was interesting, my lawyer asked me, "Do you
dare do this? " before the exhibition had opened. I just laughed as it
was too late to shoot me. Everything was ready and on it´s feet.
No one could stop the exhibion being shown. Some did try.
A bit later the chairman of the artcenter told me that importent lawyers
in the community would close down the exhibiton!
Suddenly they were outside their court and were without any power.
Did I enoy this, YES!
You know, when you put anything on paper it´s there for ever, the
lawyers did not had this in mind, neither had my family when they
where at their worst. As an artist one knows and loves that, always.

Details, org. size: 35 cm x 37cm, documents on paper, oil and wax, all on canvas.

søndag 20. desember 2015


the Lump.
is not correct or is it?
What a bad photo, sorry. It has to do with the ball, I know nothing about balls.

lørdag 19. desember 2015


                                               HOLD KJEFT = shut up
                             as now it all starts, is appropriate.    
       Everyone have something clever to say this   
   part of the year. The king and his family are very    
                       sincere and sweet, and kind to us all. An antique rubbish collection.
   The church use their power for all it is worth, the one day in the year the churches are packed with
                                                             praying people.
     Politicians will tell us a lot of nonsense and the   
      people in the streets will tell us about their life 
                                     now, in the end of december.
                                                                    I am fed up          
                              with all fat food and do not eat it.
               And at last what I do this time of year, the  
               same as I do the rest of the year, nothing!
                                         Sehr schön.

onsdag 16. desember 2015


or food for the fingers is that correct?
 I prefer being correct and know that " an apple a day ... "
  but I say a potato a day keeps all hell away. Potatoes are
  superb if you eat it all, and with a green appetizer like shown.
   A glass or more glasses of red wine are preferable,
good for your health.
 I serve my potato on Magni Jensen´s lovely pottery                               
plate paced on a french plane Pillivuit porcelaine plate                               
adding the correct affix to the divine potato. 

tirsdag 15. desember 2015


Christmas, in my diningroom it does not look like it?
This room does not invite anyone to anything. Cosy, 
sorry but it is not and has never been cosy. 
Food, what about food?
No one have have ever had a great meal at this table. 
Just two chairs, no, there are more cold, uncomfortable
chairs, good for the eye and not for the bottom. I love
the chairs! No one sits too long at this table ...
and one more thing, I have never owned a tablecloth!

søndag 13. desember 2015


yes, this really makes me speechless. 
Nothing man made and no sound or smell of civilisation.



real meaning as this photo don´t say anything.
A bit of my stuff as tape, mouse, my glasses, the Mac, the printer, all boring stuff one needs for doing this and that. On TV it is skiing and the radio God is on one channel and refugees are on my favorite channel. I hate skiing, God and I are not friends and I am fed up with refugees. I could use the phone and talk with friends but I am not a fan of phones and not the one I have. Red dots appear on the screen and red dots is frustrating. I could run around in the house with the dogs, up and down the 4 floors but am too lazy so the dogs are sleeping.  One of the two dogs are not mine, the owners are in South Africa that is why she stays with me and my dog. Looking out of the window I can see that the weather looks promising, may be the dogs and I should go for a walk, may be? I must think it over, it is best to think it over and not just do it as it might began to snow and snow is boring  to walk through. Snow is heavy stuff!

fredag 11. desember 2015


BABY LUMP is actually new born! Lovely?
Lovely, hardly lovely and red, a red Lump is an angry Lump.
To be sweet and lovely is rather hard work and makes one mad,
in another word angry when it is a jobb. A baby´s jobb is to be sweet
and lovely day in and day out.
Poor Lump is a better name for this individual, poor baby Lump.

søndag 6. desember 2015


and more will come on the walls of Sogndal Fitness. 
Here and there you can spinn or lift or ..., or have a 
coffee! I stick to the coffee when I am not tagging 
the walls. Thea is the commander in chief and do this
and do that she sais. " Jawohl ", thats german but 
sounds good when you answer so I say 
" Jawohl Herr Commandant " when the orders come.

lørdag 5. desember 2015


is a powerful 
is that correct?
My brother in law
likes to be powerful
and he makes me laugh ...
poor powerhappy
who does not know the true nature of powr.

torsdag 3. desember 2015


Lump is spinning and spinning and spinning and who knows when 
the Lump will stop spinning. 
Remember, the Lump is just one among a lot of dumb and lame lumps 
spinning around for one reason or another. 
Christmas, shit, has christmas anything to do with that?

Acrylic spray paint on paper, size 16cm x16cm 

tirsdag 1. desember 2015


the lump
in the air
an effortless afair ...

a detail of a bigger picture!