lørdag 19. desember 2015


                                               HOLD KJEFT = shut up
                             as now it all starts, is appropriate.    
       Everyone have something clever to say this   
   part of the year. The king and his family are very    
                       sincere and sweet, and kind to us all. An antique rubbish collection.
   The church use their power for all it is worth, the one day in the year the churches are packed with
                                                             praying people.
     Politicians will tell us a lot of nonsense and the   
      people in the streets will tell us about their life 
                                     now, in the end of december.
                                                                    I am fed up          
                              with all fat food and do not eat it.
               And at last what I do this time of year, the  
               same as I do the rest of the year, nothing!
                                         Sehr schön.

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