mandag 21. desember 2015


Norwegian legal landscapes was an exhibition I had in autumn 2003
 I think it was. All the paintings had a letter enclosed, copies of original
 legal documents and most had been in court.  All the documents were
 shown as if hidden in a glacier were no one would find them, ever.
As it is  a glacier can melt down, we all know that today ... .

Well, what happened was interesting, my lawyer asked me, "Do you
dare do this? " before the exhibition had opened. I just laughed as it
was too late to shoot me. Everything was ready and on it´s feet.
No one could stop the exhibion being shown. Some did try.
A bit later the chairman of the artcenter told me that importent lawyers
in the community would close down the exhibiton!
Suddenly they were outside their court and were without any power.
Did I enoy this, YES!
You know, when you put anything on paper it´s there for ever, the
lawyers did not had this in mind, neither had my family when they
where at their worst. As an artist one knows and loves that, always.

Details, org. size: 35 cm x 37cm, documents on paper, oil and wax, all on canvas.

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