søndag 13. desember 2015


real meaning as this photo don´t say anything.
A bit of my stuff as tape, mouse, my glasses, the Mac, the printer, all boring stuff one needs for doing this and that. On TV it is skiing and the radio God is on one channel and refugees are on my favorite channel. I hate skiing, God and I are not friends and I am fed up with refugees. I could use the phone and talk with friends but I am not a fan of phones and not the one I have. Red dots appear on the screen and red dots is frustrating. I could run around in the house with the dogs, up and down the 4 floors but am too lazy so the dogs are sleeping.  One of the two dogs are not mine, the owners are in South Africa that is why she stays with me and my dog. Looking out of the window I can see that the weather looks promising, may be the dogs and I should go for a walk, may be? I must think it over, it is best to think it over and not just do it as it might began to snow and snow is boring  to walk through. Snow is heavy stuff!

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