mandag 21. desember 2015


Norwegian legal landscapes was an exhibition I had in autumn 2003
 I think it was. All the paintings had a letter enclosed, copies of original
 legal documents and most had been in court.  All the documents were
 shown as if hidden in a glacier were no one would find them, ever.
As it is  a glacier can melt down, we all know that today ... .

Well, what happened was interesting, my lawyer asked me, "Do you
dare do this? " before the exhibition had opened. I just laughed as it
was too late to shoot me. Everything was ready and on it´s feet.
No one could stop the exhibion being shown. Some did try.
A bit later the chairman of the artcenter told me that importent lawyers
in the community would close down the exhibiton!
Suddenly they were outside their court and were without any power.
Did I enoy this, YES!
You know, when you put anything on paper it´s there for ever, the
lawyers did not had this in mind, neither had my family when they
where at their worst. As an artist one knows and loves that, always.

Details, org. size: 35 cm x 37cm, documents on paper, oil and wax, all on canvas.

søndag 20. desember 2015


the Lump.
is not correct or is it?
What a bad photo, sorry. It has to do with the ball, I know nothing about balls.

lørdag 19. desember 2015


                                               HOLD KJEFT = shut up
                             as now it all starts, is appropriate.    
       Everyone have something clever to say this   
   part of the year. The king and his family are very    
                       sincere and sweet, and kind to us all. An antique rubbish collection.
   The church use their power for all it is worth, the one day in the year the churches are packed with
                                                             praying people.
     Politicians will tell us a lot of nonsense and the   
      people in the streets will tell us about their life 
                                     now, in the end of december.
                                                                    I am fed up          
                              with all fat food and do not eat it.
               And at last what I do this time of year, the  
               same as I do the rest of the year, nothing!
                                         Sehr schön.

onsdag 16. desember 2015


or food for the fingers is that correct?
 I prefer being correct and know that " an apple a day ... "
  but I say a potato a day keeps all hell away. Potatoes are
  superb if you eat it all, and with a green appetizer like shown.
   A glass or more glasses of red wine are preferable,
good for your health.
 I serve my potato on Magni Jensen´s lovely pottery                               
plate paced on a french plane Pillivuit porcelaine plate                               
adding the correct affix to the divine potato. 

tirsdag 15. desember 2015


Christmas, in my diningroom it does not look like it?
This room does not invite anyone to anything. Cosy, 
sorry but it is not and has never been cosy. 
Food, what about food?
No one have have ever had a great meal at this table. 
Just two chairs, no, there are more cold, uncomfortable
chairs, good for the eye and not for the bottom. I love
the chairs! No one sits too long at this table ...
and one more thing, I have never owned a tablecloth!

søndag 13. desember 2015


yes, this really makes me speechless. 
Nothing man made and no sound or smell of civilisation.



real meaning as this photo don´t say anything.
A bit of my stuff as tape, mouse, my glasses, the Mac, the printer, all boring stuff one needs for doing this and that. On TV it is skiing and the radio God is on one channel and refugees are on my favorite channel. I hate skiing, God and I are not friends and I am fed up with refugees. I could use the phone and talk with friends but I am not a fan of phones and not the one I have. Red dots appear on the screen and red dots is frustrating. I could run around in the house with the dogs, up and down the 4 floors but am too lazy so the dogs are sleeping.  One of the two dogs are not mine, the owners are in South Africa that is why she stays with me and my dog. Looking out of the window I can see that the weather looks promising, may be the dogs and I should go for a walk, may be? I must think it over, it is best to think it over and not just do it as it might began to snow and snow is boring  to walk through. Snow is heavy stuff!

fredag 11. desember 2015


BABY LUMP is actually new born! Lovely?
Lovely, hardly lovely and red, a red Lump is an angry Lump.
To be sweet and lovely is rather hard work and makes one mad,
in another word angry when it is a jobb. A baby´s jobb is to be sweet
and lovely day in and day out.
Poor Lump is a better name for this individual, poor baby Lump.

søndag 6. desember 2015


and more will come on the walls of Sogndal Fitness. 
Here and there you can spinn or lift or ..., or have a 
coffee! I stick to the coffee when I am not tagging 
the walls. Thea is the commander in chief and do this
and do that she sais. " Jawohl ", thats german but 
sounds good when you answer so I say 
" Jawohl Herr Commandant " when the orders come.

lørdag 5. desember 2015


is a powerful 
is that correct?
My brother in law
likes to be powerful
and he makes me laugh ...
poor powerhappy
who does not know the true nature of powr.

torsdag 3. desember 2015


Lump is spinning and spinning and spinning and who knows when 
the Lump will stop spinning. 
Remember, the Lump is just one among a lot of dumb and lame lumps 
spinning around for one reason or another. 
Christmas, shit, has christmas anything to do with that?

Acrylic spray paint on paper, size 16cm x16cm 

tirsdag 1. desember 2015


the lump
in the air
an effortless afair ...

a detail of a bigger picture!

lørdag 28. november 2015


is very strong and
the strongest Lump
in the world is 
a happy Lump.
This Lump is an
expert in lifting
invisible objects.
The bigger the invisible
object, the better!
The Lump was
admired by huge
masses all
around the world.
When some asked
what the lifted object was,
the Lump did not
The Lump wasn´t only
the strongest Lump
but the wisest
Lump as well!
Good for the Lump.

lørdag 21. november 2015


what is this?
I love this photo. It looks like nothing is going on in this picture and the opposite 
is the reality. It is from Esebotn as usual, from the ground one walks on. 
The straw here and there and a bit of grass is visible. What else is there is a secret, 
even for me.


yes, just for fun! Serious fun all about fitness in Sogndal. The photo is 
manipulated just as we are manipulated every day by each other and 
our surroundings. To be fit and to fit in are two different things and must 
not be misunderstand. Still, to be be fit helps you to fit in. Does it or 
doesn´t it, I am not sure but shit what do I know? 

lørdag 14. november 2015


is the latest
and my new
language for
a project 
in Sogndal.
This is just a
small part of
it and more will
be shown later.
Work like this
will grow over
time along
with colours
and layout.

Everything is
coming on and
must be ready
for a
norwegian TV2

lørdag 7. november 2015


Ja, shut up, get you ass in fifth ... and step on it, baby!
There are no chance of reverse now, it´s all about moving forward even for oldies 
like me. There are heat under my feet and it starts tomorrow. 
Well, it´s there most of the time, the heat I mean. My socks are big and warm ...

lørdag 24. oktober 2015


a photo from Esebotn.
Beautifull Esebotn is amazing and forces me see new ways of working on canvases. You might see the result at VULKAN 2016, in the drive in artgallery happening.
Our space on the net, will be standing up and walk about later this winter, hopefully!

torsdag 22. oktober 2015


in Oslo
one finds layer on layer
with different art
great art, as food, dance, consert 
you name it sooner or later you find it at Vulkan
the next year you will even find drive in artgallery!

onsdag 21. oktober 2015


out working hard and very busy. As always in Esebotn and this time we met some young men so proud and showing us their game, shot the same morning. HippHipp was impressed as the deer had a big head with a lot of stuff on it´s head. That was new for HippHipp but I have seen it before. We call it gevir but I am not sure what you call it in english. Gevir is actually a german word. Well, HippHipp hope to find a 
second deer in between the stones it looks like. That was not at all any success! 
She did not know that the game she had seen was much to big to hide between
the stones. For HippHipp game is game and might as well hide here too.

tirsdag 20. oktober 2015


tunnel in Esebotn is slowly turning to it´s winter dress and as always with grace. This is where one find the peculiar thoughts that fiddle around among a lot of thoughts and shows you that anything is possible. It really is!  

søndag 6. september 2015


and colours are lovely
 it´s nice to be surrounded by marbels on canvas! 

torsdag 27. august 2015

OK ...

ok, seems like I have visitors on my computer!
it´s not the first time.
You don´t tease the power,
being one of the small ones.
fast on and faster off
the net.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, size 150 cm x 120 cm and shows the small ones. 

tirsdag 25. august 2015

IT`S A ...

I just had to ... . Sometimes it´s better to let things be than to stir it all up again. Somebody have forgotten this. Well, thanks to the lawyer I´m thinking about my adrenalinkick is at it´s peak. Not a good thing for my surroundings but for me it´s better than good. This year has been a success in more ways than one, and the article in VG Helg was most wellcome. Visitors to my gallery have inspired to new ideas and new ways of working. A project for 2016 is under work and a letter from a lady led me on the road to the tunnel. It´s a secret as all good ideas are in the beginning! 

lørdag 15. august 2015


in the Fjætlaqndsfjord, is a painting on canvas in acrylic and oil in wax, size
is 120 x 150 cm. My darling sisters are fixed by value and to own. They worked
hard by the Tingrett (norwegian court) to own me and everything I produce. They
did not succed. My work still belongs to me and will always belong to me until I sell.
And I sell. This season has been better than ever.
The painting above goes to Bergen.
Suddenly I wonder, shall I call it " The frozen family value "?
It reminds me of the temperature in the family, of my sisters and most of their
posh offsprings.
It is cold but a piece of frozen nature can never be as cold as a greeedy family.
The family farm looked poorly, it looks like the owners are not able to keep it,
just to own it. They cannot afford it all, I quess ...

lørdag 30. mai 2015


and peculiar oldies are thrown out of the active society in Norway today. Oldies are peculiar if they want to do what they always have done, work. We are not welcome as a working force!
The labour party, it must have been their idea to forbid oldies based on age, to do anything.
Who can continue to live without doing something?
This old and broken down silo in Esebotn must be the perfect place to throw
a lot of oldies, it´s empty inside and there are a lot of space here!
Even the old and promising might find something to do ... how to get out?
Please, don´t tell anyone, it could become reality and till now it´s a secret.

fredag 29. mai 2015


is the mountaintop,
to the right but
you cannot se it 
ca. 1400 meters above sea level
a few hundred meters from 
where the photo is taken, 
behind me
in the bottom of the photo
is the remaining top
of a silo
broken down by ice and
rocks more times and
there I have been
The tagging
is artwork in the most
anyone can dream of
and this coming summer
the sheep will be able to 
enjoy it!

tirsdag 26. mai 2015


is the name of the end
in a way. Understand me right
it is not my end but
the end of the Esefjord where
the land rises and it rises up
into mountains more than
a 1000 meters!
It is the most amazing
surroundings with peaks all around
this idyllic path just now
in it´s spring colours.
I was there with HipHip,
my dog today and who enjoyed
it the most, were both of us.
The white spots in top of the photo
are snowpatches up in the
mountainside, melting and small
streams of running water are
all around some tiny and
some growing
bigger and bigger on the
way down and into the fjord.

søndag 24. mai 2015


It´s difficult
not to  think "oh shit "when 
some of the days are heavy.
The good thing is that
you can get rid of the weight 
by making it into a smelly 
joke. Don´t make the smell 
yourself, I am thinking about 
the smelly stuff that comes 
out behind ..., not that but 
whatever you recieve
 from others, put the shit on 
paper and crush it with a 
pensil! This will make you
 smile the rest of the day 
and the next day 
and the next and ...

Lino, 10 cm x 15cm, 500 ex by avKnap

torsdag 21. mai 2015


is a sketch for futher work 
Artvillage Balestrand 
sais the text 
the text
the illustration are layout
by one of the

tirsdag 19. mai 2015


minus the oldest, met with lawyers and all of us wanted to gain the most ... .
As always there were 3 against 1 and the 1 is me! We all have dogs, the only thing we have in common are the dogs. The 3 sisters have lovely shooting dogs and I have lurker, a lurkerterrier but not the one on the painting.
As expected the great lawyer from Larvik, Steinar Sørlie was there. He wanted to grab my hand, polite he is but I denied to shake it. Who shake hands with the one who tried to rob you from your liberty?
He and my sisters tried twice and I told him why he had to keep his hand to himself.
Then he accused me for being naughty, naughty before and naughty now!
This is in norwegian:
Steinar Sørlie, norgesmester i Dobbeltrepresentasjon sier til meg at jeg er uforskammet?
Vel, vel er jeg uforskammet så er han en kjeltring og med Advokatforeningens velsignelse får han fortsette sine kjeltringstreker. All ære til Advokatforeningen og Steinar Sørlie!!!

Acrylic and oil in vax, black and blue varnish, on canvas, size 60cm x 145cm, by avKnap

The blogg has had a lot of visitors from 8 countries during the few hours today. Thank you to you all, apart from my sisters offsping, Ellen´s two sons and the daughter are like their parents, all named Knap and no friends of mine.

Later, the nett connection behaves as there are unvelcome visitors so I´ll leave it for a while ...

onsdag 13. mai 2015


... of anxiety
 if it doesn´t paralyse it can be the kick start to something new!

... to my father.
120cm x 155cm, black + silver varnish on acryl background, on canvas by avKnap  

tirsdag 12. mai 2015


is where it
ends ... you too ...
and remember the date
I met my posh sisters
that do not talk about our father´s mistress ...
as a mistress but just as a friend of their posh family. 
Sandefjord 12-05-2015

Pen and ink, avKnap 2015
The avKnap t-shirts run in and run out again ...   in ca. this colour
 and with this print  in    , great fun!

lørdag 9. mai 2015


and I tagging along and making the streets of Balestrand an artscene! Balejazz is at it´s peak and the village are boiling by music and the art we have done.
The avKnap project has stated to be what I had hoped for and more. A main newspaper has been here and so has another newspaper, Bergens Tidene on the west coast. The drains in the streets are a gorgeous place to do artwork, as it becomes art around art. Sogn Avis, the local newspaper´s Eirik, the journalist has been here as well!
The bunch, four 14 years old guys are my good friends and thanks to them it all went smooth, lucky me that has some true friends ...

lørdag 18. april 2015



is a good safety if 
one needs help
 to feel safe
that is why
I keep a dog
a really
with a
wagging tail
of the small type ...
on the door.

onsdag 15. april 2015


are a strange thing ... .
They can hit you
like a bullet and even 
if they are yours, 
if they are about 
a person and if they
are untrue. 
like my sister´s are a disgrace for their profession, write whatever they 
like and find suitable to win a case because winning is what it is all about. 
Well, you can win there and then, but in the long run your words will like 
a huge bullet, strike you back more dammaging than anyone could imagine. 

søndag 12. april 2015


an arm
or a leg
what in the world is what?

acrylic and black + silver varnish on canvas, size 90 cm x 90 cm


of a family is a joke, sometimes. One of those times is my reality and it is my kick. I am working with a solicitor and suddenly old letters are popping up.
Their retarded sister according to them, the one that should pay them 1.4 mill. according to them, is doing better than they could imagine! That hurts but it doesn´t hurt me. I am fine, better than fine and this month will be more than busy. A lot of work has to be done and it´s all about the kennel and " down the drain ", my main work. There are more ways to go " down "  than one can dream of, understand me right ... 

fredag 10. april 2015


project is the kennel at Vulkan in Oslo! Happy dogs can run around freely and
this one as well. VG Helg, the newspaper´s weekend magazine have been here, 
we all worked hard far out in a field and that was great fun in lovely weather. 
To be naughty is hard work and to be turned off is even harder. I have been 
turned off for so many years now and quite used to it, still I can turn myself ON 
better than most ... . AV is the same as OFF!
The gallery is open saturday and sunday between 12.00 - 15.00, welcome!

torsdag 9. april 2015


 in norwegian:
and this is the final look. The black / white image is what I
prefer, as usual. Now I must talk with the printer, silkscreen printing
is an art and can print anything but sets some limits to the
original sketch. We must wait and see ..., avKnap

mandag 6. april 2015


on a 
blue cloud
the sky
I justmust try!

Acrylic tagged on paper, size 45 cm x 65 cm by avKnap

fredag 3. april 2015


in a field
between mountains
on three sides
and the fjord
on the fourth side
there is a
for storing
crushed by
and today
just ruins of
the building
is left
above the
inside is
a beautiful
space for this
creature to fall
in peace ...

Photos of the work 8/4 will be shown later, here ...