tirsdag 19. mai 2015


minus the oldest, met with lawyers and all of us wanted to gain the most ... .
As always there were 3 against 1 and the 1 is me! We all have dogs, the only thing we have in common are the dogs. The 3 sisters have lovely shooting dogs and I have lurker, a lurkerterrier but not the one on the painting.
As expected the great lawyer from Larvik, Steinar Sørlie was there. He wanted to grab my hand, polite he is but I denied to shake it. Who shake hands with the one who tried to rob you from your liberty?
He and my sisters tried twice and I told him why he had to keep his hand to himself.
Then he accused me for being naughty, naughty before and naughty now!
This is in norwegian:
Steinar Sørlie, norgesmester i Dobbeltrepresentasjon sier til meg at jeg er uforskammet?
Vel, vel er jeg uforskammet så er han en kjeltring og med Advokatforeningens velsignelse får han fortsette sine kjeltringstreker. All ære til Advokatforeningen og Steinar Sørlie!!!

Acrylic and oil in vax, black and blue varnish, on canvas, size 60cm x 145cm, by avKnap

The blogg has had a lot of visitors from 8 countries during the few hours today. Thank you to you all, apart from my sisters offsping, Ellen´s two sons and the daughter are like their parents, all named Knap and no friends of mine.

Later, the nett connection behaves as there are unvelcome visitors so I´ll leave it for a while ...

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