søndag 29. mai 2011

WATERPROOF flowers ...

might be the thing in the garden just now. The daisies in the bathtub in the 
garden ... , do I have to say more? Too little or too much, may be this country 
should think about exporting water instead of oil. Is that an idea?


lørdag 21. mai 2011

even this VIEW

of greys is beatiful. One roof is my neighbour´s across the road. 
The weather has been wet for a week now and the lawn is growing fast.
Everywhere there are all shades of green in all the grey shades. Sounds
intersting? It is, come and take a look yourself ...

mandag 9. mai 2011

THE SUNSET after a

great weekend with BALEJAZZ! Lots of music, lots of people, friends and fun. 
Today it´s back to the silence and that is nice as well. This is the time to 
prepare for summer and all the visitors from all over the world. Balestrand is
waiting for You ...