søndag 6. september 2015


and colours are lovely
 it´s nice to be surrounded by marbels on canvas! 

torsdag 27. august 2015

OK ...

ok, seems like I have visitors on my computer!
it´s not the first time.
You don´t tease the power,
being one of the small ones.
fast on and faster off
the net.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, size 150 cm x 120 cm and shows the small ones. 

tirsdag 25. august 2015

IT`S A ...

I just had to ... . Sometimes it´s better to let things be than to stir it all up again. Somebody have forgotten this. Well, thanks to the lawyer I´m thinking about my adrenalinkick is at it´s peak. Not a good thing for my surroundings but for me it´s better than good. This year has been a success in more ways than one, and the article in VG Helg was most wellcome. Visitors to my gallery have inspired to new ideas and new ways of working. A project for 2016 is under work and a letter from a lady led me on the road to the tunnel. It´s a secret as all good ideas are in the beginning! 

lørdag 15. august 2015


in the Fjætlaqndsfjord, is a painting on canvas in acrylic and oil in wax, size
is 120 x 150 cm. My darling sisters are fixed by value and to own. They worked
hard by the Tingrett (norwegian court) to own me and everything I produce. They
did not succed. My work still belongs to me and will always belong to me until I sell.
And I sell. This season has been better than ever.
The painting above goes to Bergen.
Suddenly I wonder, shall I call it " The frozen family value "?
It reminds me of the temperature in the family, of my sisters and most of their
posh offsprings.
It is cold but a piece of frozen nature can never be as cold as a greeedy family.
The family farm looked poorly, it looks like the owners are not able to keep it,
just to own it. They cannot afford it all, I quess ...

lørdag 30. mai 2015


and peculiar oldies are thrown out of the active society in Norway today. Oldies are peculiar if they want to do what they always have done, work. We are not welcome as a working force!
The labour party, it must have been their idea to forbid oldies based on age, to do anything.
Who can continue to live without doing something?
This old and broken down silo in Esebotn must be the perfect place to throw
a lot of oldies, it´s empty inside and there are a lot of space here!
Even the old and promising might find something to do ... how to get out?
Please, don´t tell anyone, it could become reality and till now it´s a secret.

fredag 29. mai 2015


is the mountaintop,
to the right but
you cannot se it 
ca. 1400 meters above sea level
a few hundred meters from 
where the photo is taken, 
behind me
in the bottom of the photo
is the remaining top
of a silo
broken down by ice and
rocks more times and
there I have been
The tagging
is artwork in the most
anyone can dream of
and this coming summer
the sheep will be able to 
enjoy it!

tirsdag 26. mai 2015


is the name of the end
in a way. Understand me right
it is not my end but
the end of the Esefjord where
the land rises and it rises up
into mountains more than
a 1000 meters!
It is the most amazing
surroundings with peaks all around
this idyllic path just now
in it´s spring colours.
I was there with HipHip,
my dog today and who enjoyed
it the most, were both of us.
The white spots in top of the photo
are snowpatches up in the
mountainside, melting and small
streams of running water are
all around some tiny and
some growing
bigger and bigger on the
way down and into the fjord.