lørdag 16. januar 2016


No, not really a revenge but a hope that the norwegian
lawyer society was interested in tieding up and see to that their members
followed their own rules, the same rules that belong to the whole of Europe.
These rules was a secret but should have been open to all of us.
They are today, open for the public:
Regler for god advokatskikk.
Something like " rules for correct lawyer behavior ".
The lawyers were not interested in mending their mistakes and neither was the norwegian lawyer society. 
Instead they tried to stop the exhibition in Sandefjord Artsociety.
That did not work.
The local newspapers did not dare write about the exhibition but the editor in the lawyers own publication " Advokat bladet " did
and this is the cover from 2003.
If you believe this has improved since then, sorry but no.
" Norwegian legal landscapes " on the blogg in 2015 
you can see details of the paintings.

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