fredag 8. januar 2016


say it out loud!
My hearing is not
what it was.
- It hasn´t been for
a long time ... ,
your hearing I mean.
- So, just my
hearing or is it more?
- Yes it is more, I love
you sketches.
- Thank you U., you 
are a The Guy!
- And you are the 
noughtiest old girl in
our village, 
our ART village.
- What has art to do
with it?
- Balestrand is the
ART village, isn´t it?
- Yes, it is and most
so in winter where
all the art is made by
nature. Balestrand
is a winter Art secret
and don´t say it out 
loud as it is a secret.
Now U.,
now you can whisper
" wintersecret
Balestrand ".
- AABaaaastaaaawiiiii ... .
- Good,
lovely whispering U. .

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