onsdag 19. januar 2011

a WEAK SUN on a huge nature

is Balestrand in winter. I took the photo this morning from my window. It´s easy to get lost in wild beauty, in these surroundings. Balestrand is the sweetest start to all this wilderness in the winterworld. Pale blues in white makes something with your mind. May be Vindreken is talking with someone up there ...

fredag 7. januar 2011


tell me the truth. When I saw this old photo I didn´t see what it was, the photo forced me to
think ... . So I did and it helped. The lady I saw is not the lady I thought I saw. It is no lady at all!
Hot sometimes, yes, but cold too, that depends on me. She is no she, but an it. Old, yes but
not old enough to be thrown away and it will survive me. The top of my lovely stove ...