lørdag 23. juni 2012


a brief time in life
in my garden, the next dat it was gone ...

søndag 10. juni 2012


and their young ones in a field. This field has a tiny stream crossing it in the middle.
The bridge caught my eye, a tiny bridge made of stones and exactly like the big old
bridges made by engineers all over the world. This bridge is made by a farmer may
be several hundred years ago. You didn´t have to be an educated city person to do
some beautiful work then, or now ... 

fredag 1. juni 2012


    true! You drive along the fjord on narrow roads
    with a panoramic sight around you all the time. The photo was
    taken yesterday. End of May and the first half of June
    is my favorite time of the year, apart from the dark of winter.
    Come and see for yourself, You are most Wellcome!