lørdag 23. november 2013


do not set behind Vindreken peak at this time of the year. The chimneys are my neighbour´s
and here am I ... , looking as you too are!

torsdag 31. oktober 2013


is a small addition to the never ending Sognefjord and what an addition!
To arrive in Balestrand from east by car, you get the chance to be back in the early fifties,
on the most beautiful, narrow road along the the waterfront seen in this photo.
To be short of time is a very bad idea as the road does not allow it!

søndag 13. oktober 2013


snow is
the snow we love
if we love
snow at all,

loving snow is a
peculiar love
very cold
and sometimes
more than old
like summer
on the
a hot
spot of ice cold

Painting, acrylic/oil on 
Holland some years ago.

onsdag 2. oktober 2013


not there yet, but winter is just around the corner. Winter is georgeus in the west!

onsdag 18. september 2013

tirsdag 3. september 2013


Roads are not horizontal always and driving downwards low gear is a must!

fredag 23. august 2013


who can translate a sign, a word that is not translatable ... .
Well, fe - farm animals + rist - grid. To pass a ferist on wheels is rather shaky!

mandag 12. august 2013

548 + X =

greenPEAS, er den første videoen vår på You Tube. Geir har komponert og spilt musikken, Emma, Johannes og Einar er foran kameraet og jeg er bak. Kornetten tilhører Marta og ertene er mine!
Et lærerikt prosjekt ...
( Sorry, had to write it all in norwegian, a lot of help from my friends! )

fredag 9. august 2013

mandag 5. august 2013

søndag 4. august 2013


vil ikke ha og det er tydelig at nattens ungdommer ikke vil ha ... , 
 the work of last night´s youth, nicely done?

søndag 21. juli 2013


view, The Esefjord from Sognefjord Aquarium´s Café in Balestrand, today!

torsdag 4. juli 2013


from the quiet side ...,
a lovely old ship beneath the well known grey clouds.


... and my car cannot come in or out on my parkinglot!
Do you know any of these cars?

lørdag 29. juni 2013


in time?
No, the landscape has done it without help from anyone, just to show you how lovely nature is while resting, in black and white ...

søndag 9. juni 2013


with Vilde, Magni and tiny Lea to see an underground art installation
up in the mountains on the south side of the Sognefjord!
A surrealistic walk up and into the sky ...

onsdag 13. mars 2013

onsdag 6. mars 2013

onsdag 27. februar 2013


Fredag 1. Mars
dørene åpner kl. 20.00 og konserten begynner kl. 21.00
bill. kr. 100,-
aldergrense 18 år
Kunstbygda Balestrand  Artvillage Balestrand  design Vilde Hjetland

torsdag 17. januar 2013


the blue sky in the sittingroom and there are more windows and a chimney, my dream of a house!