lørdag 15. august 2015


in the Fjætlaqndsfjord, is a painting on canvas in acrylic and oil in wax, size
is 120 x 150 cm. My darling sisters are fixed by value and to own. They worked
hard by the Tingrett (norwegian court) to own me and everything I produce. They
did not succed. My work still belongs to me and will always belong to me until I sell.
And I sell. This season has been better than ever.
The painting above goes to Bergen.
Suddenly I wonder, shall I call it " The frozen family value "?
It reminds me of the temperature in the family, of my sisters and most of their
posh offsprings.
It is cold but a piece of frozen nature can never be as cold as a greeedy family.
The family farm looked poorly, it looks like the owners are not able to keep it,
just to own it. They cannot afford it all, I quess ...

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