fredag 15. oktober 2010


THAT was A lot of flowers. I wasn´t one of them. Even today I´m not much of a flower.
Too many av dem får meg til å hide in a corner, to run as they smell. Such a heavy
lukt can wake up most from a deep søvn. There are power in a flower! De fleste smiler
og ler når de get a flower or three. Even I smile when I får en blomst. When I giftet
meg I did not get bouquet but my dress was black. Å gifte seg i sort, bad luck. Well,
it did not last, how could it, sort brud huttetu! How come, these white/black couples
with a bouquets manage to stay married, sometimes. The flowers, buketten er tingen.
There are power in a flower, it helps you in your daily life. "An apple a day keeps the
doctor away" sies det, but I say, a flower a day keeps evil, almost away, I am in a 

good mood today ... , plukk en, pick more!

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