lørdag 25. september 2010

WHY is ...

my hand faster than my mind,
STUPID ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Det er vanlig, I am 
not not pleased with myself 
just now, For one reason  
or another is it not mulig 
å importere bilder på this 
layout program any more. 
My sketches do not move  
at all. I like simple layout.
Less is more and I do not 
need noe mer enn hva som 
var her. Am I being forced 
over to a smarter layout 
enn dette? Takk but no 
thank you, please let me 
keep what I had. 
There are no need to try more is less  when the high brows 
say the opposite. My sweet selfportrait must do fordi jeg 
ikke får inn noe nytt. This is great fun, blogging and I am 
not going to put my blog sleep just now.Den skal fortsette 
litt til men med  same layout, please?

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