fredag 13. mars 2015


- White?
- Yes, it smells white,
- How come, smells have colours?
- Yes, but not this one. My nose is perfect but I cannot smell anything. It´s like all personality has left this smell.
- Personality?
- Personality, yes that is as colours too, lots of them and it all are digested in my nose! I am exhausted that is a lot of work.
- I understand.
- Do you, are you pure bred too? Your sisters don´t think so. According to them they are the only pure bred in the family. That is why they smell white as white is no colour. White is just background, it is nothing still it gives all the colours strength and personality. You smell as lovely shit!
- Thank you, shit, nicely said.
- Yes it is, do you think you could see all the colours in the grass under your feet if you were as the rest of them, you would not I can tell you. Smell is importent and you have a lot of it, lucky you. Have you written your will? I would hate to end up in white smel, with clean, white people if anything happened to you, you know I love a lot of colours!

Lino print with coloured pencils, numbered and signed avKnap 2014

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